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Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) for Utility bill Payment

Bharat Bill Payment System is an online bill payment system offering all kind of day to day bill payments instantly.

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BBPS is regulated by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and conceptualized by Reserve Bank Of India, also expanded the scope of BBPS. NPCI is a not-for-profit organization which is accepted all over India. It is responsible for operating retails payments and settlement systems in India.

BBPS offers instant confirmation of payment which can be done by multiple payment modes used in India. Bharat Bill Pay Service is a safe and reliable payment system providing anytime, anywhere access to everyone with universal access to all payment system.

It is an interoperating bill payment service to various customers at different places through a network of agents. A particular amount of commission is earned by agents on every payment done via BBPS portal.

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Electricity Bill
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Water Bill
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Dth Recharge
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Landline Bill
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Telecom Bill

Electricity Bill : – Electricity bills payment can be done easily and fast via BBPS. You can pay your bill with different modes of payment and you will get instant confirmation of bill payment.

Water Bill : – Every month water bill payment is done, pay it with our BBPS portal for 100% secure and instant payment. You can also track your water bill payment history anytime.

Gas Bill : – Pay your gas bills online through BBPS by selecting your operator and entering your customer ID. Make your gas bill payment fast and instant to avoid late payment charges.

DTH Recharge : – Fastest Online DTH recharge through Ezulix BBPS. Simple and quick way to pay for a DTH recharge for any operator in India. Enter your operator and customer ID or registered mobile Number, enter amount and your recharge is done.

Fastag Recharge : – Ezulix provides the instant fastag portal to recharge your fastag whenever and wherever you need through BBPS. Fastag online recharge can be done by entering your fastag issuing bank, enter vehicle number and amount.

Insurance Payment : – You can do insurance payment online through Ezulix BBPS, reliable and secure insurance payment portal in India. And also get your insurance policy renewal on BBPS.

Loan Repayment : – Ezulix BBPS allows easy and safe loan repayment online in two easy steps. Enter your policy number and enter amount, it’s that easy!

Data Card Recharge : – Recharge your data card online or pay your data cards bills through Ezulix BBPS portal. Enjoy continue internet anytime by paying bills and recharge using Bharat Bill Pay App.

Landline Bill : – RPay Landline bills online with our highly secure and reliable BBPS portal. Easy and Convenient Landline bill payment with few steps. Select your Operator, enter number, bill amount and pay.

Telecom Bill : – Simply pay your Telecom bills online through Ezulix BBPS portal and enjoy your seamless telecom service every day.

These are the bill payment services provided by Ezulix BBPS. Enjoy hassle-free day to day bill payment services and earn money on every payment done via our BBPS portal. We provide certainty, reliability and safety of all transaction. Any agent or business owner can access all our multi payment services at one platform. This is helpful in boosting your business growth as well as creating a cashless society in India.

Benefits of using Ezulix BBPS :–

Benefits to Agents

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1. Accessible : – BBPS can be accessed by anyone there is no technical knowledge required. You can access it anytime and anywhere easily.

2. Business : – Agents can have an option to generate more business by attracting more customers at a single portal. Income can be increased easily with the growing business.

3. Interoperable : – Ezulix’s BBPS portal is a platform that connects banks and non-banks in bills aggregation business, billers, payment service providers and retail bill outlets.

4. Transparency in payment : – Payment done by Customers is totally transparent to the retailer with our BBPS portal.

5. Reduction of frauds : – Frauds can be detected easily by active monitoring and implementing of the risk mitigation system.

6. Reduction in cost : – Our BBPS portal reduces the cost for the billers by providing e-bills.

Benefits to Customers

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The biggest advantage is, customers can pay their bills anytime, everywhere through Ezulix BBPS service.

You can get instant confirmation of payment with our safe and reliable software.

You can pay through various payment modes on our portal.

100% genuine and secure portal, payments are made through the NPCI network with instant receipts getting generated.

Ezulix provide premium BBPS portal with 100% security and genuineness. Get assured income on every bill payment or recharge transaction.

Conclusion -

BBPS is the best bill payment portal that promotes cashless society in India. Costumers are getting engaged in online bill payment for their comfort as they prefer to pay bills at their nearby shop without standing in queues.

Service providers are also getting benefited as it is a long term business. People are going to pay bills for their lifetime.

Get our BBPS software today to start your business today with Ezulix. Apply for free demo or contact us now.