micro ATM machine

(Updated) Ezulix Micro ATM-Combo of mATM & mPOS Machine

micro ATM machine
micro ATM machine

Ezulix software is launching a new updated micro ATM which is a combination of mATM and mPOS machine. Payment methods are continuously growing with technology age. Earlier we was only dependent on cash transaction methods. We had to carry cash money to pay for goods and services which was a little bit risky and slow process. We were totally dependent on banks and ATM for the transaction. But after the cashless India (Digital India) project the Indian government is emphasizing on cashless transaction methods to create a cashless society in India. RBI (Reserve Bank of India) & NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) is continuously working on cashless transaction methods to make it easy, safe, and fast and advanced. NPCI control all the banks and financial institutes for transaction methods.

Ezulix Micro ATM Delivers a New Payment Method

Ezulix advanced micro ATM offers a new payment method for your business. Our new micro ATM machine is the combination of mATM and mPOS machine. So if you still using mPOS and mATM separately, then this Ezulix micro ATM can help you to offer all services by using a single machine. By using Ezulix micro ATM, you can offer all the features of mATM and mPOS machines. Now you don’t have to use different devices to offer AEPS service and accept payment from customers. You can offer both the features by using the same machine. Although you can offer all the features of mATM and mPOS using the same Ezulix micro ATM machine, it reduces its cost. You can get this micro ATM machine, at the price which is lower than mATM price.

Features of Ezulix Micro ATM Machine & Software

So here we discuss all the new features of Ezulix micro ATM. But before this, I would like to explain to you the work of mATM and mPOS. This is for those who are really new in this industry and want to add-on new features in their business.

Basically, mATM or mini ATM is used to withdraw cash through a debit card. It is similar to the ATM that we use. As through AEPS you can withdrawal money using Aadhaar card and fingerprint authentication. In mATM, you can withdrawal money using debit card and PIN for authentication. As similar as AEPS, you earn a commission in each & every transaction. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit here on a complete guide on mATM

mPOS software is also the best cashless payment method which is basically used by merchants to accept payments. Here you can use all credit, debit, and prepaid cards to pay. Mostly it is used in malls to eliminate long queues at check out.

Now by using Ezulix micro ATM, you can offer both the machine features using this single device. Now you can withdrawal money as well as you can accept payments. Here we discuss features of the Ezulix micro ATM machine which make it more special.

  • It is easy to use, fast and safest payment method
  • Accept EVM chip & PIN
  • Magstripe and NFC payments Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB data transmission compatible with iOS & Android system
  • PCI PTS 5.x certified
  • Cost-effective & slim design
  • Multipurpose machine with a single software

So these are some features of a new micro ATM machine which make it more potential and usable for payment.

How to Boost AEPS Business using Ezulix Micro ATM?

If you are running your own AEPS business but still waiting for an upward sales graph then this can help you. By using Ezulix micro ATM you can boost your brand visibility and AEPS transactions up to 5X times. Today a big portion of people carry the debit cards in their pocket instead of Aadhaar card. We provide you advanced AEPS software with free micro ATM software service. By using our advanced Micro ATM, your members can offer cash withdrawal services as well as cash acceptance services which result in the highest AEPS transactions. By offering multiple services at same point, you can attract more customers.


So here we learned about Ezulix advanced micro ATM and its features. This is the latest service in the market which we are launching. You can boost your business instantly by adding-on this feature into your AEPS portal. Hurry up, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. Ezulix software is offering this advanced micro ATM at the lowest price in the market. For more details visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a free live demo.

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