B2B Business App

How to Start Earning By Making B2B Business App Like Paytm?

B2B Business App
B2B Business App

Why You Need B2B Business App?

The present scenario is totally different, we are now in the digital era. Every field of our life is touched to technology anyway. As technology is growing, we are also getting depends on technology. If I talk about our daily life, nothing is untouched to technology. If I talk about food, transport, mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Bills and many more things. We don’t waste time to do manually by going to shop or road. We use b2c, b2b mobile business apps to resolve them.

As technology is growing, competition also increasing gradually but the opportunities are also arising. In past time we have to do hard work to survive, nothing is changed, still, we have to do work hard but smartly.

I give you an example.

Have you heard about PayTm, Most of us known about Paytm? Most of us have this app in our phones and use for the basic transaction, shopping, movie tickets, flight or bus booking, DTH recharge, and many more things. We all use these services for our comfort but do you know how much paytm owner earns. PayTm launched in August 2015 and now it is one of the most popular apps of the present time. Its net worth is more than 2k crore.

But do you know why I am telling about it?

New Business Idea

Now I am gonna tell about you mind-blowing ideas which can change your life totally. Have you thought you also can start your own business app like PayTm and can earn lots of money? Now question is that how you can start this business app and what you have to do for this.

Don’t worry, I am today to tell you about this mind-blowing idea. Now without wasting time, I come to the point.

Ezulix software providing an opportunity to those who want to start their own business. Now you can start your own b2b business mobile app and earn lots of money like paytm.

Services of Your b2b Business App

So you can start your own business app and earn lots of money. Now the question is this, which services will your app offer to your customers?

Here we discuss in detail, which services you can add to your app. Following are a major section of your business app.

  1. Mobile Recharge
  2. Aadhaar Enabled Payment
  3. Money Transfer
  4. mPOS Service
  5. Pan Card Service
  6. Bharat Bill Payment System
  7. Travel

This all are major sections of the b2b business app. Now we will understand them in detail.

  • Mobile Recharge

In this section of App, you can use many features like pre-paid mobile recharge, post-paid mobile recharge, land-line mobile recharge, data card bill payment, DTH recharge, and Electricity bill payments. These all features, you can use in this section of the App.

  •  Aadhaar Payment System

In this section of the app, you can perform a cashless transaction feature. You can perform all basic banking actions like cash deposit, cash withdrawal, balance transfer, and balance inquiry. These all are the unique feature which you can use in this b2b business app.

  • Money Transfer

This section of the app offers you a safe and secure money transfer facility from one bank to another bank. By using IMPS & NEFT mode of transaction you can transfer money easily. This is also very beneficial for business transactions anytime, anywhere.

  • mPOS Service

By using this section you can perform cashless transactions at malls, shopping centers etc. This is an effective business model. It is an electronic feature which is used by merchants as well as customers in daily life. This is really very useful feature in daily life point of view.

  • Pan Card Service

By using this feature, you can create pan card agents all over India and enable UTI/NSDL pan card service for all registered pan card agents.

  • Bharat Bill Payment System

This section of the app enables you for paying different types of bills under a single app, like the water bill, electricity bill, DTH bill, Gas recharge, and Telecom bills etc. So this is also a great feature for you. You can provide these facilities to your customers through this app.

  • Travel

This section of the app enables you for online bus ticket booking, flight ticket booking, and hotel booking.


So these all are features of the b2b business app. You can provide all the above facilities to your customers by using this app and earn lots of commission on all the services. It’s high time, start your own business app with Ezulix software and change the figures.

Ezulix software is one of the best b2b business app provider company for business. So why are you waiting for, contact us today and start your own business app?

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