unique business ideas

Top 10 Unique Business Ideas which You Can Start in 2021

unique business ideas
unique business ideas

The Indian business landscape is changing over the years. Earlier when people wanted to find a good job after completing education, today Indian youth is moving towards business opportunities. There are many factors that are encouraging them to think about new inventions and make in value for society and the country. Today here I am here with the top 10 unique business Ideas which anyone can start in 2021 and make it a handsome source of Income.

Today Indian youth is well aware of job culture, government policies, and international trade. This is the reason, in the 21st-century new college pass-outs are moving towards new business opportunities. They are well known that their future is much more secure with their own business in spite of using their skills for others.

As much as technology is growing, it is helping people to learn everything easily and fast. It is also a big reason that India is the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world, according to Nasscom.

We are a software development company situated in Jaipur over the last 6 years. We provide varies business startup software solution, which is fully customized and based on the latest technology.

Here is the list of top 10 unique business ideas that anyone can start in 2021 at a low investment with small practicing.

new business ideas
new business ideas

1. B2B Business

Most of us are aware of the term B2B known as business to business. B2B software solution provides an online platform to deal between two or more businesses in terms of product and services.

For example support, there are two businesses that deal with each other like one person has a Murgi farm and another one has egg shop. If we talk about the traditional method, where egg shopkeeper has to go to Murgi farm to buy eggs while in b2b software it has done on an online platform which is known as b2b business.

Don’t worry, I am not saying to you that you open any Murgi farm or egg shop, it is just an example to clear the concept in your mind.

There are ample of businesses that can be started on b2b module. Here any number of businesses can be deal with each other in terms of product or services.

So If you want to learn more b2b business and want to start with a great company at low investment, Apply for a free live demo now.

2. B2C Business

B2C known as business to customer type where businesses can directly deal with customers like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm etc. These all are examples of b2c businesses but don’t be discouraged by the names of big players. There are plenty of new b2c business startups that are growing exponentially.

This can be a great business startup opportunity in 2021 especially after lockdown. Consumer’s behavior is changing and they tend to deal online in spite of walking to shop. This is the reason in upcoming years, the b2c business scale is going to be a boom in India.

Learn more about b2c business free.

3. Loan Module System

This is one of the latest business ideas which are coming new in the market. In the loan module system, you can create your own short-term personal loan application like Cashbean or RupeeRedee and can earn interest on a daily basis.

Anyone can start this business at low investment and can manage it easily. One thing that is very important is low competition in the market. This means If you are planning to go ahead in the loan business, this is the right time for you.

Apply for a free live demo to learn more about Loan Business.

4. eCommerce Shopping Portal

eCommerce shopping portal is also a well-known term but it has still too much scope to explore. It is estimated by many business gurus that till 2030 this field is gonna grow at a very high scale. So If you are planning to start your business, it can be a great opportunity on an online shopping business.

To learn more visit eCommerce shopping website development where I will explain you types of eCommerce shopping business where you can choose as per your capability, resources, and skills.

5. Reseller Type Business

Before understanding this business opportunity we have to understand this term.

According to its name, Re-Seller means a type of seller which can be sell again, right. In the reseller business, you can buy any service to market, and then you can resell this service further to customers as a white label by your brand name.

In short, we can say here you can sell a product or service which is originally produced by any other business. Don’t be confused, it quite different from affiliate marketing.

To learn more about reseller business, apply for a free live demo of the business.

6. Cab Booking Business

Have you heard about Ola and Uber?

They both are big players in this cab booking industry but there are many newcomers are coming in industry like Jugnoo, Rapido, Regoolur. But still this industry has lots of potential because there are not too much competition. ‘

You can create your own brand cab booking application as Ola, Uber and can provide service by adding drivers.

You can make a different place in the market by adding on more value to its original Idea. You can start this from small level as in your city area.

For more details about Cab booking application, apply for a free demo of the live cab business.

7. Home Service Provider Business

This is one of the best unique online business ideas which you can start in 2021 with a small investment.

Have you heard about Urban Clap?

Asia’s largest home service provider company over the last 14 years. You can also start a home service provider business by creating your own brand home service provider software. Here you can type up with multiple small businesses who can offer their service by visiting to customer’s home.

This business has huge potential and you can start this business from a small level in your city or district.

For more details about home service provider software, visit Free Suggest Room for a live demo.

8. Food Delivery Business

Most of us know about food delivery business ideas but never try to think about It. Swiggy and Zomato are big players in this industry but it doesn’t mean you can’t take place in the market.

Before coming to Google, Yahoo was the biggest search engine but today how many of us use Yahoo.

I would like to say If you are planning to utilize your money into a great business startup then this is for you. You can start a food delivery business with a small investment and can grow with time and skills.

If you want to learn more about this business, its functionality, and how you can start, visit I want to know more.

9. Gaming Application

Do you have your own mobile without any gaming application?

If you say Yes, I can’t believe or maybe you are some percentage of exceptional people who are living on this earth.

Today most of people not only school or college students but aunties and uncles are addicted to mobile games.

Recently when I was traveling to my hometown, A uncle (Age must be more than 60) was playing the game on the mobile. This is very common nowadays.

But is it helping you increase your bank balance?

No, right?

But you can make it a handsome source of Income by using as a business opportunity. You can create your own gaming app and can earn in lacs.

To learn more about games, a game applications,s and how you can start this business, Visit Here.

10. Online Education System

One side where lockdown destroys most of the businesses, economy etc. another side it arises many new business startup opportunities.

The online education system is growing exponentially. People are creating educational apps to provide online education facility at doorsteps so that students don’t have to visit anywhere.

You can also start your own educational application and can provide an education facility to students at their homes.

This field of business is still very new and you can win the race by starting first.

For more details apply for a free live demo to understand this business.


So these are all unique business Ideas that you can start with a small investment in 2021 and can make it a handsome source of Income.

These all businesses don’t have so much competition except 2-3 key players. So If you are looking for a new business startup, this can be a huge opportunity for you. Make this Ideas big for you can motivate others as a key player of the future business name.

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So If you want to start your any one of business, and want to learn more about these, visit my blog or apply for a free live demo where our executives contacts you and give you all the information which you need to start a new business.


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