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How Do I Secured AEPS Software with 99.99% Success Ratio?

aeps software
aeps software

By using AEPS a bank customer can use basic banking facilities through Aadhaar card. This is the most used service now a day. As a CSC VLE you want AEPS software which facilitates 100% success ratio so that you can run a successful business. So If you are in CSC industry or want to start your own AEPS business and looking for the best AEPS service provider then this is for you.

Here I will tell you how you can start your own AEPS business with multi-service. Along with this, I will suggest you best AEPS software with 99.99% transaction success ratio.

So without wasting time, I come to the point. I would like to suggest you, don’t miss this article if you really want to run a successful AEPS business.

But before starting this, we will discuss AEPS and its motive to start.

What is the Motive behind AEPS Service?

AEPS stands for the Aadhaar enabled payment system. This is the new age of cashless transactions in which bank customers can use Aadhaar card as bank service access. AEPS service is started in 2016 by Indian government to penetrate banking and financial services in rural areas where people are not using banking services. There are very expensive and critical to install banks and ATM in the rural area. To eliminate this problem RBI (Reserve Bank of India) & NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) started to join the project as AEPS service.

Today AEPS is the most used cashless transaction service in India for multipurpose. It is helping a big part of the population to use banking and financial services daily which was not comfortable to use cards (credit or debit card). AEPS service is helping to bring all sectors of our society at the same banking platform so that everyone can use banking and financial services and can support India’s digital India projects.

Which is the Best AEPS Software with 99.99% Success Ratio?

Ezulix software is one of the best AEPS service provider companies in India over the last few years. Today we have 350+ active portals and 10,00000+ active members all over India. Our skilled and experienced professional team developed an advanced AEPS portal with the latest features. Our new advanced AEPS payment software is fully customized and fully supports AEPS business with 99.99% success ratio.

We have used modern design in our portal which helps to attract more customers. Along with the web portal, you can use AEPS service via mobile application integrated with the web portal. It is an easy, fast, and reliable cashless transaction service now a day, this is the main reason behind its huge success.

How Do I Start AEPS Business with Best AEPS Software Provider Company?

So now if you have planned to start AEPS business, this can be a great business startup opportunity for you. Anyone can start their own AEPS business with Ezulix AEPS software at low investment. To start the AEPS business, you need an AEPS portal. We provide you AEPS software with all advanced features. We create your business website with a mobile application. Here we provide you manual training so that you can understand our portal and its feature.

You can start your own brand AEPS business with us as admin and we facilitate your standard AEPS portal. You can create unlimited members as-

  • Master Distributor
  • Distributor
  • Retailer

You can manage and control all your members and can check their transactions, services, and details.

Your members can get real-time settlement using our advanced AEPS payout service. Mobile application helps you to maximize your customer base online. We have used a secured AEPS API approved by NPCI and trusted banks. This is the reason our AEPS service is fastest with 99.99% success ratio.

Along with this, we provide you life-time free technical support so that you can run your business smoothly. If you and your customers have any transaction complain, you can submit this using our SMS (Support Management System) feature.  To learn more about AEPS portal, you can apply here for a free live demo.

Which AEPS Services You Can Offer Using Ezulix AEPS Software?

By using Ezulix AEPS software, you can offer the following services to your members.

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Micro ATM
  • Mini Statement
  • Aadhaar Pay

You can offer all the services to your members and can earn the best commission.

What are the Major Benefits of AEPS Service?
  • Anyone can withdrawal money from a bank account using Aadhaar card
  • No need of debit or credit card to use AEPS service
  • No need to remember PIN or OTP
  • You can check your bank statement
  • You can inquiry your bank account balance without going ATM
  • Withdrawal cash using a debit card through micro ATM service too
  • Pay bill on the retail store using AEPS through debit card or Aadhaar card
  • Easy, safe and instant cashless transaction
  • Direct benefits of government schemes

So here we learned how you can start your own AEPS business with a small investment. Along with this, we discussed best AEPS software with an almost 100% success ratio, which services you can offer using Ezulix AEPS, the motive behind AEPS service, and the major benefits of AEPS.

This can be the best business startup opportunity for you if you are looking for a new trending business.

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Along with AEPS, we facilitate mobile recharge software, domestic money transfer software, bill payment system, and Pancard service for your business.

For more details visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a free live demo.



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