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Bus Booking Software & API Solution for Travel Business

Ezulix provide real time bus ticket booking software solution for travel agencies. We have designed a comprehensive online bus booking system s per client’s requirements that would save both time and money.

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Ezulix provide real time bus ticket booking software solution for travel agencies. We have designed a comprehensive online bus booking system s per client’s requirements that would save both time and money.

Our bus booking software has all the updated features including e-ticket booking, booking cancellation, advance booking with expected dates, etc. Online bus booking system allows you to manage reservations, traveler details and schedule routes, set seat availability, etc.

Our bus booking software is designed to automate the online ticketing through an easy to use online bus booking system. The client can reach the vast number of customers with the help of online booking application.

Tourist can book their tickets from anywhere, even out of country. Administrator can manage the trip details and can cancel the tickets and approve the cancellation requests anytime. Client can also take the printout of the ticket whenever he wants.

We are providing world class travel service for our clients from the last few years. You can earn the best commission ever on every online bus booking. Our support team always helps you in achieving success and business growth.

We provide both B2B and B2C software services to our clients as per their requirements. B2B bus booking software allows partners or travel agents to book bus tickets for various routes and destination on their own travel agency from the system.

B2C bus booking software is a complete bus booking application that allows visitors to book bus ticket for various routes and destination by making online payment.

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Bus Booking API

Our bus booking API allows the travel agents to interact with our web applications. As a travel service provider, you can deliver the bus booking service anywhere in India with great deal of efficiency and accuracy.

Apart from this, you can search for plans, seat layouts, book tickets, cancel and generate reports for both booking and cancellation of ticket. It can easily search fares and schedules on any bus route.

With the bus booking API, you can get fair glance about the seat availability. Once you book or cancel the tickets, intimation and confirmation of the same is given to you instantly. It is helpful in saving a lot of time and provides easy and swift access to information.

Features of Online bus booking software :

Online bus booking software has many advantages for customers as well as service providers. It is a quick and easy bus booking service for your customers. Benefits of bus booking software are -

  • Avoid standing in long queues and save time
  • Cancel the reserved ticket anytime
  • Earn commission on every ticket booking
  • Pay online using various payment options
  • Take a ticket printout
  • Trip sheet printout for each trip
  • Manage various trips, rates and types
  • Easy and convenient booking
  • Manage reservations and seating effectively
  • Safe and secure payment gateway
  • Detailed reports for managing trips
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These are the benefits of online bus booking software. An easy and safe bus booking without going anywhere to purchase tickets. The software is helpful in business growth also. You can earn attractive income on every ticket booking via this software.

Why Ezulix’s Bus Booking Software is different?

Ezulix is a leader in providing software solutions in India. We provide the most reliable and safe software to our clients. These are the features that make Ezulix different from others -

You can easily organize bus routes and tours. Our bus booking software allows you to plan, schedule, and manage multiple routes, create timetables and print bus schedules.
You can create different bus routes with start, end and stop destinations, manage time travelling, and bus schedules. See a route timetable with the departure times of all buses of a specific route.
Manage your specific ticket rates and discounts for each bus route with our advanced bus booking system.
We have more than 5000 bus operators that are accessible through our bus booking software.
You can easily process online and offline payments using our bus reservation software. Customers can pay via debit card, credit card or any other payment gateway. We can also add other payment gateways too.
We have adjusted the software to send out personalized Email & Notifications both to customers and admin upon every ticket booking, payment and cancellation.
You can generate booking reports and timetable everyday to keep track on a day to day basis

These features of our Bus Booking Software make Ezulix different from others. We provide safe and secure for easy access and allow you to automate your bus booking and payments for different bus routes. Along with this it also helps to manage bus fares, routes, seat availability, schedule, etc.

Conclusion -

As per the above discussion we can conclude that Ezulix is the best Bus Booking Software provider company In India. We provide you the best software ever developed for easy bus booking with highest commission. To give a start to your business with Ezulix’s Bus Booking Software, Contact us now or apply for a free live demo.