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Best Employee Tracking Software System 2020

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The employee tracking system is a comprehensive and real-time application which allows employers to track their employee’s location in working hours.

This is the best employee location tracker system which help employer to monitoring their employees in systematic way. It allows employer to manage staff, employees and field executives by tracking their location, live location. It helps to enhance security, efficiency and reduce operation cost.

Which is the Best Employee Tracking System in India?

Ezulix software offers best employee tracking software in India. Our skilled and experienced professional’s team developed advanced workforce tracking software for employee monitoring.

By using it you can track all your field executives live location and location reports. Ezulix employee monitoring software supported on all web, android and iPhone app.

If you are related to field sales, service Pharma, advertizing & campaigning, logistic & Ecommerce, security & patrolling, high value goods, FMCG sector and vehicle & deriver tracking industries then you can effectively use Ezulix tracking software. It helps you boost your business sales by using business resourced effectively.

Features of Employee Tracking System

Let’s discuss all the important features of employee tracking system which make it more effective and favorable. We provide you advanced employee monitoring system with unique features. It helps you to gather all the important details about employee, to monitor their performance.

This section of tracking software allows you to get all the details about employee. You can create a list of the entire employee with their personal details. You can add on unlimited employees and can check by searching those using filters.
Ezulix tracking software allows you to manage all customer details. Here you can manage entire details of your customers which engaged with your business. You can check their name, their location, phone details etc. Customer management helps you to monitor & control all your customer’s detail.
In location report, you can find all moving details of individual employee. This helps you to know that where your employees are moving. This helps you to monitor and control your employee location.

By using this feature you can determine that your employee is moving at right place for working purpose. You can determine that your employee is not wasting time by moving at worthless place.
This is the very important feature of tracking software. By using this smartly, you can check your employee live location anytime which helps you to manage your resource efficiently.

By determining live location of your employee, you can assign his work place nearby which help to save time and money.
TCall reporting offers you a distinct facility, suppose you are a doctor and your want to send your 10 MR Agents to different locations.

You can monitor all your MR agents location and activity using employee tracking system. You got a notification on mobile whenever your MR agents find the destination.

You can also check their reached time and leave time and meeting time too. So this is an amazing feature, you can navigate your MR agents smartly and hustle free.
By using this feature, you can schedule client meetings with employees. This is the very important features which help you to manage all your meeting in a easy manner. By using this you can easily manage your team either you are busy.

You can set employee details, date and time in this. Whenever your employee reaches at destination, you get a notification. You can improve your work efficiency by using this feature smartly.

These are some features which make it effective and efficient. You can optimize your workforce by using employee tracking system. This helps to boost productivity and work efficiency of your business. You can make a difference by using it at optimum level and can get desire success for your business.

What are key Benefits of Employee Tracking System?

So far we have seen what an Employee Tracking System is and what are its features? Here we will talk about its key benefits. Until a short time ago, managers used to use excel sheet and physical sheet for time management of employees.

Technology has also been updated with boot time. But right now, Employee tracking software has made the work of managers easy. Now, by using the Employee Tracking software, the managers can view the location report of their field employees.

In addition, they can track the live location of employees. Now managers can find the efficiency of their employees and better their performance by using the features of employee tracking software.

Now managers can smartly improve the performance and business sales of their employees by employing employee tracking software.

Along with this, you can manage the time of your employees properly by using employee tracking software, which helps in reducing cost. It also helps in increasing your brand value and your brand awareness in the market.

Along with this, there are some key benefits of employee tracking system which make it more useful and favorable in the industry.

  • You can check live location of your field employees
  • GPS employee tracking system helps to track complete location tracking
  • Managers can find all employee details at same place
  • Along with employees, they can find out all customers detail at same place
  • It helps to monitor employees working efficiency & time management at field
  • You can track, either your employee is going at right track or not
  • You can assign work for your field employees by tracking their location
  • You can easily schedule work meeting for your employee and can also monitor it
  • It helps to reduce the cost
  • It helps to improve performance of your employees
  • You get the notification for scheduling work

Conclusion -

So here I am wrapping up this article with a bag of great information. Here we learn what employee is tracking system for monitoring employee and how you can monitor your employees by using it.

Along with we discuss the key benefits of employee tracking software for business.

So if your business is related to field employees, it can be a great software solution to improve sales and performance of your business. It can be a great investment to improve your brand awareness and faith in your clients.

Ezulix software offers best employee tracking software for business. You can boost your business sales and employee performance up to 3X times by using it.

So why are you waiting for?

Invest in right software solution today with Ezulix and skyrocket your business. For more details visit my blog or directly contact our executives for a free LIVE DEMO.