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Money Transfer Software for Money Remittance Service

Money transfer is a cashless mode of payment from one bank account to another. We provide money transfer software which is comprehensive and fully featured solution. It is a safest mode of transferring your money.

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Ezulix offers easy Domestic money transfer software to transfer money from main wallet to bank account. You are just one click away from money remittance. We aim at streamlining your business process to enhance your business growth and vision. Our domestic money transfer software provides you a perfect environment to get your Money Transfer business going instantly and grow it rapidly. Getting your money remittance business running can be tricky for you. We are here to help you by providing a unique and advanced technology and services.

There are some other things to focus such as strategy, customer acquisition and your customers. The money transfer software solution offered by Ezulix helps customers to transfer the fund easily from main wallet to bank account. Nowadays customers find money transfer online easy because of instant and secure money transfer. When customer has the online mode of money transfer, they don’t have to waste their time in the long queues in banks and other money transfer offices. We offer money transfer software which is helpful for you to begin a business that simplifies customer’s life. Along with perfect money transfer software, we also provide online money transfer app for easy access.

We offer trusted money transfer solution that support both IMPS and NEFT mode. The main feature of our software is that you can add beneficiary for trusted money transfer. We have already helped a lot of businesses to start their own money transfer business successfully. Our professional software developers understand the usage of money transfer API and use them properly to help you in building a platform for maintaining a professional business. We are proven company for providing the most accurate money transfer software solution in India

Features of our Money Transfer Software

  • Quick and Easy
  • Highly Secured and Protected
  • Well Organized transactions
  • Integrated with advanced features
  • Instant Money transfer
  • Support IMPS and NEFT
  • Transfer money to any bank account
  • Have access to transaction history
  • Beneficiary can be added
  • All bank money transfer app
  • Strong customer support
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Why Choosing Ezulix for money transfer software?

You don’t have to worry about the reliability and working of the software when you choose us for any software solution. Ezulix is the leader in providing software solutions and our services are superior as compare to rest of the companies.

Our support team is always here to help you throughout the process of setting up the money transfer software. We can easily integrate our solutions to your existing platform without losing the efficiency.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the technical aspects as we have best technicians of the industry.

You can track the details of the beneficiary, have access to transaction history and all the information regarding the sender and receiver name. Along with this we provide you extended support and maintenance for the software.

You can contact us anytime whenever you need support with the software. You can provide the best platform to your customers for instant money transfer service with high security and easy to use interface.

We provide a comprehensive and fully featured solution which is the safest mode of transferring money and an app for money transfer.

While using our money transfer software you are just one click away from money remittance. Ezulix provides the robust platform to streamline your business process and daily operations to enhance your business growth. We provide best money transfer solution for our customers.

Conclusion :-

So here we have learned how money transfer is helpful in promoting cashless society. It is a safe and secure mode of transferring money.

Ezulix software provides comprehensive and updated money transfer software for remittance business over the last few years.

So if you are planning to start your own money transfer agency and looking for software solution then Ezulix is the best place for starting your business with lowest investment and on-going support.

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