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What is a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards are introduced as a smart alternative to cash, debit cards and credit cards. You can take them along with you anywhere and spend only what you have already deposited in your card.

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There is no need for a bank account to apply for a prepaid card. You can reload it with cash anytime whenever you need. These cards are issued by retailers and are available in different range according to the customer’s need.

As a credit card alternative prepaid cards are issued to the customers having poor credit history or no credit history.

You can even withdraw cash using a prepaid card at any ATM, not all the banks allow customers to withdraw cash but some banks allow cash withdrawal through prepaid cards.

How to get a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid Card is issued by a retailer through software after a successful KYC. You can reload your prepaid card anytime till the maximum amount of 1, 00,000 Rs. at one time.

Amount to be reloaded in a month is 25, 00,000 Rs. per customer. Getting a prepaid card is easy and reliable process. There is a onetime payment for issuing a Prepaid Card and pay when you want to reload it anytime.

Benefits of Prepaid Card

You can enjoy a several benefits of a Prepaid Card. Easy to use and a secure process without any need of bank account.

  • There is no need of a bank account
  • Can be issued to anyone after KYC
  • Can be reloaded anytime with cash
  • No need to visit bank for a prepaid card
  • Can be issued by any retailer having the software
  • Money can be withdrawn from any ATM
  • Promoting Cashless society
  • Can be swiped anywhere
  • Attractive commission can be earned by the retailers on every online transaction
Benefits Prepaid Card

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Conclusion :-

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